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Dear customers and business partners,

Since Actron has a large number of manufacturers and suppliers in the South East Asian region, we are observing the situation in China and the surrounding areas very carefully and with growing concern.

At present, forecasts of the exact effects on the supply chain of our products regarding measures against the further spread of the virus are highly speculative. Despite the difficult communication due to the New Year holidays in Asia we have so far been able to verify that all companies and production facilities in several Chinese provinces are only allowed to start work again from February 10th at the earliest. This definitely affects the factories of our partners and probably also many suppliers with plants outside the PRC (e.g. Taiwan). We therefore do not expect deliveries from the region until mid or late February and delays are also expected after this time.

Please be assured that we are working intensively on obtaining informations and that any delay in delivery will be reported to you as soon as possible. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, as far as the circumstances allow.

Sincerely / Best regards,

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